Satellite Services

General Information 

Through its connections with major satellite operators and teleports, and based on its extensive exchanged experience acquired over the past two decades in satellite communications, Connect keens to provide efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and intelligence networking solutions.

Our VSAT services include

  • Provisioning of broadband internet using different platforms and bands for governments, NGOs, Enterprises, ISPs and small business

  • Supplying & installing of VSAT equipment for different scale (teleport, carriers and business users)

  • Providing Internet service and data connectivity

  • Connecting corporate remote sites to Juba

  • GSM backhauling over satellite and RAN optimization solutions for satellite bandwidth saving

  • Providing and managing Trunkey solutions through partner’s satellite teleport operators in Europe and Africa

Satellite image


  • Customized solution on different platform

  • Full coverage of South Sudan

  • Competitive prices

The VSAT Team 

  • Highly motivated with widespread major satellite technology knowledge

  • Extensive experience in responding to Requests For Proposals (RFPs) from designing, link budgeting, installing, operating, and handing over turnkey solutions

  • Masters fast deployment and prompt response time