GPS Tracking

General Information 

Along with its affiliate partners, Connect offers a full set of tracking & fleet management services. These services allow fleet managers to track their vehicles’ route in real time and enable information to be transmitted promptly. The data transmitted could be configured to include any form of information such as location, speed, engine status (on/off), acceleration, harsh braking, cargo temperature, seat belt status (on/off), mileage, and any designated place in the world utilizing internet connections.

Geo-zone Features

  • Allows the control of sales and sales personnel in certain territories and motion monitoring outside the Geo Zone

  • Improves time management and reduces idle time and car theft or drop off

Customer Service Improvements

The tracking system can:

  • Improve the response time to customer’s calls and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) accuracy

  • Allow business owners to notify their customers of any delay

Lower Fuel Costs

Studies showed that Tracking Systems have helped companies reduce their fuel costs by up to 22%. Vehicle fuel costs are cut by:

  • The reduction of excessive speeding

  • The elimination of personal use of company’s vehicles

  • The detection of fuel theft
GPS image

Improved Supervision 

GPS Tracking helps business owners to maintain supervision of a company’s vehicles by giving managers instant access to the location and status of its trucks, equipment and other mobile assets. It allows companies to be more efficient, innovative and competitive.