Fiber Optic Internet Services

General Information 

Being the only ISP in Juba that has two main core networks working as Active/Active in two different locations, Connect offers a full redundant fiber optic internet service with a dedicated symmetrical speed and an unlimited download capacity from the client router up to the world.

We ensure a redundant optical fiber connectivity

By linking Juba with Uganda via two separate fiber optical routes and one microwave link, and peering with multiple upstream providers and submarine cables guarantying high availability, Connect ensures a fully redundant optical fiber connectivity.

Connect offers its customers different types of connectivity and solutions based on their technical and budgetary requirements. Also, connect provides a private access to customers allowing them to live monitor their contracted service instantly with the full 24x7 support of our NOC engineers.


Competitive Advantages 

  • Full redundant coverage in Juba city

  • High speed capacity

  • Low latency

  • 99.9% availability